Match Your Climate to Clothes For Your Active Lifestyle

One of the interesting startups we found during the New Tech tour was WeatherYouWear. WeatherYouWear matches clothes to weather or climate in your current location. Our Greg Viloria aka SocialGreg interviews Founder and CEO, Michael Bhanos on their app.

Select Clothes You Can Count On

"It (WeatherYouWear) is a technology platform that makes gear and clothing recommendations based on weather, personal preferences, and activities"

"We are hinging on the Affiliate Programs, Affiliate Market, Api functionality, on-site branding and first-party data"

"We looking for some early funding and looking to get into a position to where we can take this company to fully expand what we have here"

SocialGreg's Uptake

I was interested in this web service because of the uniqueness in using data recommendation based buying experiences. Let's face it, we don't all live in California where it is nice most of the time and we don't think about the weather all that much. In the rest of the country they do so it makes sense for WeatherYouWear to exist especially those with an active lifestyle. If they are successful in getting funding and scaling, their data will be extremely valuable for brands and stores. Do you see clothes selections being selected for you this way?


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