btrax's Japan Night VI Brings Six Innovative Japanese Startups to SF Nov. 7

Wearable tech, language tech, learning tech, battery savings, and bicycle technology will be present at btrax's Japan Night VI. Six innovative companies were selected at the JapanNight semi-final in Tokyo earlier this month. On November 7, they come to SF to pitch at the popular Pivotal Labs. Check them out!

Ring by Logbar

Takuro Yoshida, CEO

Takuro Yoshida is not a NUB to this event. He had pitched at btrax's Japan for the 3rd time now. Ring creators envision a world where you can communicate with others and control objects simply by using the device. They’re currently working on making Ring smaller and sleeker, and are aiming for a 2014 launch date. 

FOURBEAT by pigmal, LLC

Yuan Ito, Founder

FOURBEAT was the audience favorite at their semi-finals in Tokyo. The multifunctional gaming device allows you to use the same interface for speed racing, trivia night, and percussion practice. 

Cooori by Cooori

Dr. Arnar Jensson, Founder

Cooori is a unique language learning system. When a person starts using the Cooori system to learn a new language our artificial intelligence engines start building a model of that person's studies and how they are progressing. The system will at any time have a complete picture of what the students have already learned, and how well each piece of knowledge should be embedded in their brain. The system will then feed the user with the appropriate reminders and example sentences to help move each piece of information from short-term memory and into long-term memory. This guided build-up of knowledge cannot be replicated by any old fashioned method; it is totally unique to the Cooori system.

Ojisan by Fuller

Shuta Shibuya, CEO

Made for anyone who is frustrated with the short battery life of Android phones, Ojisan is a mobile game that actually increases your battery life. The game helps manage your apps by providing an overall score based on functionality and usage, and removing inactive or unnecessary applications.

CODEPREP by Givery, Inc.

Junpei Yamane, CEO

With "Create Engineers" as their mission, CODEPREP is an online learning service for beginning programmers. Users learn different coding languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The service also connects programmers with an online community to provide support for developing their own products.

FUKUSHIMA Wheel by Eyes, JAPAN Co, Ltd.

Jun Yamadera, CEO
The "FUKUSHIMA Wheel" project was developed as a response to the nuclear accident in Fukushima. This "smartbike" features environmental sensors to measure radiation levels, temperature, humidity, and carbon emissions in real time. The device also acts as an activity tracker, calculating the average speed, distance, and number of calories burned - all via a smartphone app.


Join the Nerd Stalker and SF New Tech teams at Japan Night VI. Get your tickets here. Use code "sfnewtech-guest" and get a deep discount on tickets.

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