Get Rewarded for Being Social with Your Purchases This Season

If you are on social, most likely you share shopping experiences with your friends. Before you drop some cash on the big cyber monday coming up, check out SocialRebate. SocialRebate is an eMarketing service or solution that rewards you ($$) for being social about your e-purchase. See what Tom Larkin and Ben Stewart see the future of social commerce.

Social Cash Back

"We are an eCommerce/Marketing solution that helps businesses to increase sales on the their social channel and decrease their net-advertising cost by hiring their customer"

"Customers are the most credible reference that a brand can have"

"You get 25% of your rebate cash back for sharing and up to 75% for clicks that you generate"

SocialGreg's Uptake

The SocialRebate concept is very analogous to the cash rebate card. But, in this social world of sharing purchases, buying decisions with your friends, there isn't anything that I have seen like SocialRebate yet. Cash back for sharing? That is just awesome! Off camera they mentioned there are some detractors to their model saying they are cheapening the concept of social sharing. My opinion is that one's social captial is worth something, Klout thinks so and so does SocialRebate. So, get on the train, it left the station.

They have over 250 businesses signed up and this is their first Cyber Monday. It is Opt-in. SocialRebate works in the post purchase realm similar to the note on the keypad at the supermarket checkout counter that says do you want to donate to "XXX". You select, "yes I want to share and get money back for that share" or "No, I have enough money." Before you drop your hard earned cash on Cyber Monday or if you are putting the final touches on your eCommerce site, checkout(no pun intended) SocialRebate. They have partnered on Shopify, Eyemagin and eAccountable but have many store integrations on the biggest eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Etsy, and Magento to name a few.


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