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Nerd Stalker's Top stories:
  1. Young people aren't reliable predictors of tech trends. So where does that leave Snapchat? (Farhad Manjoo/Wall Street Journal)
  2. Coin consolidates 8 swipe-able cards into 1 | @SFGate
  3. New, Massive Solar Power Plant Goes Online in Japan - Core77
  4. An Intel Store in NY?…
  5. Implantable bio-patch grows bone where it's needed
  6. Things You No Longer Needed Because of Smartphones | via @LaughingSquid
Speed Round:
  1. An Oscilloscope Watch!
  2. LinkedIn Kicks Off Its Pulse Integration via @allthingsd by @MikeIsaac
  3. American Eagle, Target, and other retailers follow Wal-Mart in opening labs in Silicon Valley (Anne D'Innocenzio/Associated Press)
  4. Smartphone Video Ads Over 100% More Effective with Millennials Than TV [Report] via @reelseo

Nerd Stalker Tip of the Week:

WebWall shows web pages right on your desktop without interrupting your workflow.

RT @rcabinte: Have a Big Idea to move the needle in #sustainability? Get full scholarship to @PresidioGrad!


11/20 - SF New Tech - 11.20: SF New Tech : Mosey, Polkast, Tame, AirPair, SkyDrive & more!
Dreamforce Nov 18-21
NodeSummit 12/3-4
12/9 - Future of Money & Technology at Japantown’s Hotel Kabuki


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