The Nerd Stalker Show

  1. Sorry Google, Samsung has flat out conquered Android | BGR
  2. Ollo Mobile Hopes to Keep Your Family Safe
  3. Harvard scientists develop a transistor that learns
  4. Infographic: The Value of the Second Screen
  5. Elop reportedly on board with killing Bing, Xbox as next Microsoft CEO
  6. Pheebo TV Mirrors Your iOS Video Experience to the Big Screen | @pheebo

Speed Round

  1. SURFAIR all you can fly airline
  2. Phone Concept Could Eliminate The Dangers Of Texting And Driving via @psfk
  3. After 8-year absence from YouTube, co-founder posts bitchy comment about comment policy
  4. Japanese events this week: Digital Garage’s DG717, SF Japan Night

Tip Time

  1. Regex Runner: a game to teach regular expressions to kids
  2. Connect with an expert on Google Helpouts | @CNET


  1. 11/20 - SF New Tech
  2. 12/9 - Future of Money & Technology at Japantown’s Hotel Kabuki


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