Ubooly a Fun, Educational and Interactive Kids iPhone Stuffy

This is a Nerd Stalker review of Ubooly a children's technology toy.

The toy is made up of a stuffed animal and iOS application. The stuffed animal comes in multiple colors and the iOS application is free.

To use Ubooly you place your iPhone with the application turned on upside down into the stuffed animal. The application can be personalized for multiple children, this is a nice touch. Each toy includes over 1000 activities, free credits to unlock lessons, and customizable content for your child. The recommended ages from 4 to 10 although we have observed more interest on the younger end of that spectrum.

The toy is dead simple to use, this is a huge plus for a child, it takes almost no time to learn. The toy is like a tutor and friend and includes educational learning packs like language, math, science, music, history lessons for K through five and developed by teachers.

We did experience a couple application hangups but these should be quickly resolved with updates being provided automatically over the air. You can get more information at www.ubooly.com.


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