Pheebo TV Mirrors Your iOS Video Experience to the Big Screen

You just never know what happens during Halloween. As Halloween fate may have it, we were pleased to interview Arthur Matiossian, co-founder of a so-cal startup - Pheebo TV. Pheebo TV is a free iOS app that allows you to search for free on-line video content and mirror it to your TV from your iOS device. It takes advantage of the iOS AirPlay mirroring and brings the video content to your AppleTV. Check out what Arthur has to say about PheeboTV.

"The thing about AirPlay is, when you AirPlay a video, the people that are with you can't see what's going until you actually select the video. With the mirroring feature, it brings the experience to everyone there... it makes it fun for everyone not just the person who is control of the videos and it is a beautiful interface. I have never seen an app do that before."

"...the iPhone or iPad becomes a remote control...a beautiful remote control"

SocialGreg's Uptake

PheeboTV's animation feature where the videos come alive is a great feature to engage the viewers and encourage video viewing. The AirPlay mirroring and "Matrix" effect is really nice. If you want to see the "Matrix" UI effect for yourself, you can see it through the web browser at the Pheebo TV website. Check out the new video below that summarizes Pheebo TV.

You can download this app through the iTunes Store for both iPad and iPhone here. Someone fund this company so they can bring this to Android.


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