Pinoccio - Connect anything to the Web.

Nerd Stalker interview with the Co-Founder of Pinoccio Sally Carson at O'reilly Maker Faire.

"What is Pinoccio?
A Wireless Microcontroller
It’s the brains of your project.

No cables, no cords. Pinoccio talks over wi-fi and runs on a rechargeable LiPo battery. It’s also Arduino-compatible.

A Set of Online Tools
Build your first project in minutes.

Easily build projects that talk to the Web. Control your project from a Web page. Focus on your idea, not all that other stuff.

Hardware + software = easy

A Software Developer’s Dream

A URL for every Pinoccio board. REST Endpoints, WebHooks, and WebSockets make bridging hardware to the Web super easy." - Pinoccio Web Site


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