Hotline: FlxOne Gives Real-Time Advertising Optimized Buy and Sell Decision Making

Are you a marketer trying to balance a tight advertising budget and trying to make sense of 60 Billion impressions a day? Well Marketeers, Netherlands based FlxOne is launching a platform today with real-time actionable insights with optimization for Buy and Sell. We talk exclusively with Matthijs Keij, CEO and Co-founder of FlxOne. He discusses the current state of real-time advertising and discusses how the FlxOne platform eases Buy/Sell decisions.

"The market is shifting (from one of negotiations) to a market driven by technology so people can Buy and Sell Ads automatically"

"Real-time advertising can give you a lot of data, and sometimes it can be difficult to get something meaningful out of all the data, so we have always transformed all the data into insights but then a lot of clients said 'ok it is great we have all these insights and it is saving us a lot of time but we still have to do all the optimizations manually. We have to optimize our own campaigns on the buy side, on the sell side, so why don't you do that for us?' For the last six months, we have working on the the other part of our product which is automated actions -- where we use all the data from insights, and optimize the campaigns or optimized yield on the sell side automatically. That is really something that we don't see other companies doing at the moment."

"Real-time advertising is not only for big brands but also very helpful for small brands because you have very sophisticated targeting options so instead of just spending $10k dollars on a campaign without knowing who you are going to reach, you can really do a detailed campaign reaching exactly the right people for your business even though you are a small brand"

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In the interview, Matthijs mentioned that the real-time advertising market is akin to what the stock market has gone through in past years - manual analysis and decision making to real-time analysis and intelligent decision making. There is no doubt, Matthijs and his team are solving a big problem in real-time advertising decision making which tries to make sense out of heaps of data to make real-time decisions which can save their clients big dollars. Being a strategic partner of New York-based AppNexus (backed by Ron Conway, First Round Capital, Marc Andreessen, among others) can't hurt their chance for success. The question you have ask yourself is "Can machine intelligent decisions help or hurt your situation?" Check out their platform and make that decision for yourself. 

You can get more information about FlxOne at Follow them on twitter or like them on Facebook.


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