Startup Blog Insights - Cherry Picking the Best Ideas for Your New Business

Today, we continue our monthly segment called Startup Blog Insights with Examiner writer and entrepreneur, Taffy Williams, who is the co-founder & CEO of Colonial TDC. Colonial TDC offers a professional team of scientific and business experts to build and grow medical and technology companies. Taffy also writes for the Small Business section of the with his own personal advice based on his personal insights and he has his own blog called Startup Blog

He has some great stories for the years of experience that he shares in his blog. This month we are focusing on an article that was released on November 13 on called ”4 Ways to Enhance Idea Generation and Selection Critical to Business” in light of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

"One of the things that is most important in coming up with ideas to try to keep them focused is to try to identify a problem to solve"

"Picking ideas is like playing look at what happens if you do this and this"

"So, when developing products you have understand how your customers or end consumers are going to use your product...that helps generate ideas"


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