Amazing Dutch Tech: SF New Tech Post Show

Check out the SF New Tech Post Show with SF New Tech's Myles Weissleder and our Nerd Stalker writer Greg Viloria. We are a long time media sponsor of SF New Tech, which is one of the oldest pitch events in San Francisco. Our duo talk about their favorites and not-so-favorites of the Consulate General of the Netherlands and SF New Tech's Amazing Dutch Tech 3.19  Event with Elemental Water MakersEternal Sune-TractionSRB EnergyPeerby, and Hansje Brinker.

Elemental Water Makers
~ Renewable Driven Desalination ~
Sid Vollebregt, Commercial Director
Without using energy intensive processes based on fossil fuels, Elemental Water Makers provides the most cost attractive renewable energy driven solutions for fresh water. Elemental Water Makers delivers an eco-friendly solution to increasing water scarcity and prices, customized to the needs of the
Eternal Sun
~ Solar Simulators ~
Chokri Mousaoui, Founder
Eternal Sun supplies the next generation of solar testing. Specializing in solar simulation technology for the purpose of product and material testing, Eternal Sun’s products will lead towards more sustainable products.
~ Direct Drive Electric Traction Systems ~
Peter de Neef, CEO
e-Traction is the one-stop-shop company for high voltage electric vehicle systems. By implementing superior, distinguished and patented powertrain technology in e-mobility, e-Traction reduces energy consumption and cost of ownership dramatically.
SRB Energy
~ Thermo-Solar Energy ~
Jan van Diessen, CEO
SRB Energy produces the Thermo-solar Energy of the Future in today’s world. For a better and sustainable world, our solar-thermal collectors use clean renewable sources to produce and provide electricity as well as heat and cold generation.

 Peerby ~ A Sharing Community ~Daan WeddepohlPeerby enables you to borrow the thing you need from people in your neighborhood. Right here, right now and for free. We believe that sharing is the future and we want to make it fun and easy.
Hansje Brinker
Hansje Brinker
Pieter Bas
Hansje Brinker offers an operational system for managers of infrastructure to monitor dynamic deformations anywhere. This system helps managers to identify the exact location for local follow-up inspection on dams, levees, pipelines, railroads, bridges, storage tanks and all other assets under management. Hansje Brinker provides a continuous and global view on deformation processes, based on radar images taken by satellite.


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