Eggxer - Scramble eggs inside their shell

It all started when a dad couldn’t persuade his kids to eat egg yolks. They liked the whites of hardboiled eggs but left the yolks behind. The dad knew that 99% of an egg’s nutrients reside in the yolk. So he found a fun way to scramble the egg inside the shell, creating golden-colored hardboiled eggs with the yolk and white blended. MixedEggsTM have a taste and consistency kids and adults alike love. The dad, inventor Assaf Gurner, is now raising funds on Indiegogo to bring Eggxer®

“Eggxer is the world’s first appliance for scrambling any egg inside its shell to create a single texture and color from the white and the yolk – a MixedEgg,” says Isaac Eldar, CEO of Egglogix Ltd, the startup where Gurner serves as president. “Eggxer is compact, easy to use and it will change the way people eat eggs. It opens up a world of culinary possibilities.”

A true “superfood,” especially for children, eggs contain B-complex vitamin choline, a nutrient that is essential for brain development and is associated with improved neurological function and inflammation reduction. But to benefit from eggs’ nutritional value, the yolk must be consumed, and research conducted in Canada, Israel and the United States revealed that up to a third of children refuse to eat the yolk – until they encounter a MixedEgg, that is.

Eggxer - worldwide patent-pending - creates MixedEggs from any fresh egg of any type, age, temperature or size without puncturing the shell, using a controlled process of non-coherent centrifugal forces that the Egglogix team spent months developing. In just a few seconds, the egg is scrambled in its shell. Raw, MixedEggs have the same shelf life as regular eggs. Once hardboiled, MixedEggs extend shelf life from five to 30 days. Powered by a pull string, Eggxer is fun to use – transfixing children and adults as it transforms an ordinary egg into a MixedEgg before their eyes

In addition to enticing children to eat protein and vitamin-rich eggs, Eggxer provides the home chef with a cool new ingredient that can be used in a virtually infinite variety of dishes. Many people find the sulfuric smell and crumbly texture of ordinary hardboiled egg yolks off-putting, but MixedEggs eliminate both issues, enabling users to slice the golden-colored super food for use on a sandwich, as a topping for leafy greens or in potato salad. MixedEggs are perfect as a soft, nutrient-rich food for babies and can be soft boiled to create an “omelet in the shell.”

Now a featured product in a fundraiser on Indiegogo, Eggxer will be sold in a variety of colors, and early bird funders can pick up the world’s first appliance to scramble any egg in its shell for a special introductory price of just $29. Find more info at the Eggxer Indiegogo page at or


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