Epson Brings Out the New AR Glass At Ad:Tech San Francisco

When you think of Wearables, you don't think of Epson, right? Well, this play makes sense when your realize the company is really known as Seiko Epson Corporation part of the Seiko Holdings Corporation. Yes, like Seiko watches. You know, those expensive watches you see in the protected case at Macy's. At Ad:Tech San Francisco, we interviewed Eric Mizufuka, Product manager for the Epson Moverio BT-200. Why Ad;Tech? Let's watch Eric and he will tell you why.

Printers? No, Epson is Watches and Projection too...

"Many People when they see Epson they think Glass) is a natural extension...Epson is part of Seiko Epson...we are the world's leader in projection technology"

"What is our core strength...I'd say it is R&D...we hold key patents in projection technology"

"One of the key strengths of our product, it is binocular-dual screens, we are large-large screens and transparent - ideal for Augmented Reality"

SocialGreg's Uptake

As the panel said at MacWorld..."wearables are in the Palm Pilot stage." So true. There are some pretty big players in the market and it will just be time before a shakeout occurs. Facebook just validated that market with their Occulus Rift acquisition. AR Glasses for marketers is a natural for this glass. I do like the binocular view and its transparency is great for AR. In fact the glasses can use prescription glass inside a standard form factor. You can even use it in non-transparent mode with clip-on shades. When they first launched in 2011, it was a bit early. But being in the VR/AR headset conversation today doesn't hurt especially if you are in the Facebook/Occulus Rift category.


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