Microsoft's Idea Lab Focus is on the Tech Community

We followed up with Lisa Abdilova, Product Marketing Manager of Microsoft and discuss Microsoft's new outreach program called 'Idea Lab'. Lisa announced the service at SF New Tech a few weeks ago and discusses how they plan to work with participants in this program. Check out her interview.

Idea Lab Wants to Hang Out With Tech Savvy Individuals

"There are new product teams that are working on some fresh things and they want a set of people that want to run focus groups with"

"Want to bring the conversations at tech events to the developers"

"The people we meet at meetups are like that(Tech Savvy, Early Adopters, Tech lovers) and that is the people we want to connect with"

SocialGreg's Uptake

The Idea Lab concept is not new but marks the idea of listening more than talking. Idea Lab seems to be part of this new "One Microsoft" mindset as opposed with the "we develop it and you will like it" mentality. They are probably trying to also shake the fast follower mentality which they have been accused of as well. Sign up for Idea Lab at


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