VoteBash Releases Web App that Lets You Get to Know the Voter

Want to know not only a person's opinion but about how they vote? Martijn (Martin) Atell, CEO of startup VoteBash, says his new service does that. By viewing a Pinterest-like array of voter buttons, you can quickly see how and what the voter's interests follow. See why Martijn his passion about business and brands makes VoteBash is a different type of Voting/Opinion social network.

Great Boon for the Opinionated Person

"VoteBash is a voting platform focusing on the voter by voting on thinks they like. They earn a button when they vote on a topic."

"VoteBash is an opinion based platform"

"We feel that (current) platforms is a one-way street"

SocialGreg's Uptake

The voting service field is pretty crowded but the simplicity of the VoteBash design is very appealing. The service is still beta so they have a few things to figure out like more instructions for startup. But once you figure it out, it is quite simple and fun. They allow you share the link to your question and create unique buttons for it but you have to provide the picture or artwork. Give it a try!


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