Korean Startup Swizzle.fm Quora-tizes Music Video Recommendations

Swizzle.fm Screenshot

With all the videos out there, sometimes we need recommendation help from our friends. That is what Ian Lee and Nick Szabo of Swizzle.fm promises. We met these startup entrepreneurs at Founders Space's "The Future of Korea" event last year and we caught up with them to hear about their new revision of their product. Originally, Swizzle.fm was a social music playlist platform, like a "Quora for Music Recommendation" and now they announced their new beta will be focused on sharing your favorite music videos. Watch Ian and Nick as they demo about their product, share how they founded their startup and talk about expanding their business strategy.

Quora For Music Recommendation Helps You Find Music

"I spent more than 4 years to make the best (User) Interface"

"Most people get most satisfaction when they get recommendation from their friends who know your taste (in music)"

"So we are expanding our music recommendation service and expanding it to (music) video"

SocialGreg's Uptake

This service is great for parties. You can have this list looping and friends can add to the list. I used it with my Chromecast and it was pretty nice. I can see this moving from a Music Quora to a general recommendation for any videos. For example, if I want videos on startups my community for friends and followers can recommend video for me on funding or pitching for example. Check it out at swizzle.fm.

Swizzle on Chromcast


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