The Startup Episode 1 Tech Comedy

You might get a laugh out of this new Comedy web series called the Startup. It's based on our real experience of working at the biggest venture-funded startup failure in US history. For every fantastic startup that makes it big, there's a million of these, and sometimes people should be reminded of that. Anyone who is interested in Startups will probably get a good laugh watching this.

It stars Parvesh Cheena from Outsourced, Peter Shinkoda from Falling Skies / Daredevil and James Kyson from Heroes. They even got their own Victoria's Secret Angel in it.

Manish starts his new job at Pump'd- LA's hottest new media startup. Within his first few minutes on the job, he sees his dream job becoming a nightmare. Starring Parvesh Cheena, Peter Shinkoda, Sonal Shah, James Kyson, Aurelia Scheppers, Linc Hand, K.Harrison Sweeney, Zabeth Russell, Bryan Coffee, James Giordano, Julia Carpenter, Christopher Meehan, Zach Reino and Eric Mark.


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