Safeti: Your On-Demand Personal #Safety Concierge

Safeti is the world's first handheld personal-safety alert system with a private safety concierge service at the click of a button. With a click of a button, the device sends out a customizable SOS message and GPS location to your emergency contacts and 911. By pairing Safeti with your smartphone using the Safeti app, you can easily tailor a list of emergency contacts, as well as the alert message they will receive when trouble occurs. To maximize portability, Safeti has a TriO core, which utilizes GPS satellite technology to pinpoint your location virtually anywhere in the world without the need for the Internet or phone connectivity.

Safeti Example Use Cases:
- End of the night in the city after a fun night out
- A child walking home from school
- An elderly person fearing a medical emergency
- A college student out alone
- A runner going on a nighttime jog

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