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This month, we take another journey into Agile thinking. We will go in-depth into an articles on Startup Blog titled “Your First Action is Not Funding” and "Money and Staff, Staff and Money" with Taffy Williams, Examiner writer and entrepreneur, and the co-founder & CEO of Colonial TDC. Taffy gives examples from his experience of funding from the investor's and the entrepreneur's viewpoints. Give it a listen or a view!

Are You Seeking Investment the Right Way?

Here are some outtakes from the main interview.

I was cold called on Twitter to Invest in...

Do You Think I am Investing in the Technology?

I am an Investor - I Like the ROI

Funding from the Investors and Entrepreneurs Viewpoints

Taffy Williams discusses how Investors are looking at startups. Is it the technology, entrepreneur or ROI? He uses his article, "Your First Step is not Money" for his backdrop on this interview. 

Is the Team Important for Funding?

Taffy Williams talks about the founding team and how investors look at them. He uses his article "Staff and Money, Money and Staff" for this interview's backdrop.


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