Zofie - Your Next Fitness Coach is You

Welcome to your new exercise future. We interview Sunil and Shalani Koduri of Zsolutionz about their new product introduced at this year's CES called Zofie. Zofie stands for Zsolutionz Optimal Fitness Interactive Experience which is based on Fuzzy Logic. The product is embeddable into exercise equipment. They take us through a live demo at the Nytec Product Innovation Center in Kirkland, Washington. Give it a view. 

What is Fuzzy Logic?

How it works:

Zofie is programmed with expert knowledge which can be continually augmented. Data is also pulled from sensors built into the smart equipment; and/or information from the user’s wearable devices or through manual input. Zofie customizes each user’s workout based on body profile, health conditions, diet, sleep patterns, and other factors.

Using its Fuzzy Logic-powered decision-making engine, Zofie makes personalized recommendations based on the user’s activity level and goals such as losing weight, staying fit, getting into competitive shape, etc.

Working with Family

Best of Going from Microsoft to a Startup


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