Solving a Social Problem the Tech Event Way

We interview Greg Gopman about his upcoming event - Town Hall to End Homelessness. On Nerd Stalker, we normally interview Tech/Startup entrepreneurs and their products. This is the same but different. Greg is actually a tech entrepreneur turned social activist. His story is just amazing. I met Greg around four years ago when he recently arrived in San Francisco and I actually helped on his second Angel Hack event. He was going great guns, as most talented, bold entrepreneurs do, until the bottom fell out. Greg posted an insensitive post about the homeless in San Francisco on Facebook and the social media fire storm began. A common thing happening in the today's world where there are no bushes or screens to hide behind in the social world. You can find out more about his story and little background on the SF Homeless problem as told by Kim-mai Cutler on Tech Crunch

Greg is organizing a "Town Hall" but in the tech way. His event will showcase many people with many creative and imaginative ideas on how to solve the homeless problem here in SF. Come out and give your opinion in town hall fashion about some of the ideas presented.

Greg's event will be held at the 

Nourse Theater
275 Hayes Street San FranciscoCA 94117

The event is free and you can register here and give back a little to help the homeless problem. For more information about this event, check out Greg's article on Medium.


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