This Venture Incubates Big Ideas the Human Way

This is probably the freshest approach to developing startups we have seen in a while. We interview Enon Landenberg, Dreamer, Doer and Founder of small Factory Big Ideas (sFBI) where he discusses his "no boundaries" approach to building ventures in a human way. Enon takes you through some of the basic philosophies of his company and even takes you through a tour of his startup house. Yes, you read it right - a house. Check it out!

There is No Standards Here But Doing

Enon Landenberg came through the school of "experience." He is using the "school" learnings, some great advisors and eight geniuses to develop new ventures in a focused way. Check it out!


Inside Look into Enon's World

Enon talks a little about himself (ask him about his spaceship) and little about why sFBI does things different.

sFBI First Venture

What startup has a grand slam champion on their team? sFBI


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