2015 Maker Camp - New Summer and New Format

Maker Media Chairman Dale Dougherty explains the new Maker Camp format

The Nerd Stalker crew was at 2015 Maker Camp launch at the Maker Media Lab - Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Sometimes you have to change things up - just like being a maker. That is the promise for camp goers for the this year's Maker Camp.

The Maker Camp takes a new twist this year as it is all online, accessible - you can participate with items found around the house and it is free! We talk with Dale Dougherty, Founder and Executive Chairman of Maker Media, Inc. about what summer, kids, and making is all about. We also chat with Kelli Townley, the Producer of Maker Camp where she shares the philosophy behind the new format of Maker Camp. Check it out.

Summer is a Great Time for Making

"Summer is a wonderful time to engage kids in making"

"I want to find ways that kids can enjoy making"

"It is not about projects stepping through 1-2-3...it is about open ended techniques"

More about Maker Camp


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