Why Indie Musicians Should Join This Tribe

Tribe of Noise Gives Indie Musicians Revenue and Gaming and Video Creatives Licensing Options

The music industry is complicated. Music Licensing is complicated. Getting quality music  within budget and within timeframe into your indie game, video or movie is nearly impossible  (unless you know i.e. the Doobie Brothers). That is why there are tech events like SF Music Tech . Recently, we interviewed Hessel van Oorschot, Head Noisemaker and business conductor at Tribe of Noise. Tribe of Noise is a service that connects creatives who need music with independent musicians who create beautiful music. Tribe of Noise has been around since 2008 (that's 49 Years in startup dog years) - that's a long time. Untangling the music industry spaghetti is what they are trying to do with strategic partnerships with Getty Images, SONOS and Pond5. Hessel explains why the Tribe of Noise fills the void and gives the money and choice back to the indie musician and the reason for his @73553H twitter handle. Check it out!

ToN Does it the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Way

"We were a bit annoyed about getting music into a video production...within our budget, within the timeframe (we) couldn't afford it...we had to settle for stock music...my partner and I said 'we have to start a marketplace for where we can connect proper well known musicians with the industry' "

"I like to test drive new (music) business models"

"We just broke 26,000 members from 190 countries around the world"

*SocialGreg: We test drove Tribe of Noise for our intro music "Arcane Impulse (Raga Kaafi)" by Arjyo Bala  for the video.


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