Ringr Hopes to Improve Your Mobile Podcasting

If you had an announcer's voice, half of our podcasts would probably be very good regardless of sound quality. What would you do if you can get high quality audio from your mobile device. Well, Tim Sinclair, the PA voice of University of Illinois and major league soccer Chicago Fire discusses what motivated him to create Ringr, which increases the sound quality of interviews or podcasts through your mobile devices if you don't have a radio voice like Tim's. Tim also discusses some of the upcoming features as his app exits beta and talks about his journey from Radio personality to entrepreneur.

Putting Ringr Through the Ringer

We decided to do a test with this interview. We recorded our interview via Google+ Hangouts On Air as we normally do. This time, we download the YouTube video and synchronize the Ringr audio with the video through Final Cut Pro(FCP). Basically, this is a typical video editing workflow if you record separate audio tracks. Below, you will find the audio via Podomatic from Ringr. Next, you will see the processed video and finally you will see the original video on YouTube. My results will be in my takeaways below.


Processed Video


SocialGreg's Uptake

So, I am convinced my comparison workflow is not ideal. I had to adjust the sound level in FCP of the final mix then I was finally able to synchronize the audio. Don't let the audio levels sway you. The audio from Ringr seems cleaner. In retrospect, I don't think the Google+ Hangout was the best way of comparing. One of my next tests is to record off of my video camera and mix the Ringr audio in. If you want to see for yourself, download the Ringr app here:


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