Learn Your Elevator Pitch with These Do's and Don'ts

Secrets to better networking with Nicole Lininger

Nicole Langer of InventHelp help coach you on your elevator pitch.

Do you have an elevator pitch? To a certain degree most people do as long as they have figured out their product and business model. A lot of inventors and startup founders struggle with this. Some haven't had the need to do this or some just haven't found a clear way of organizing it all. We talk with Nicole Lininger of InventHelp who helps coach inventors on networking skills and one of the entry points to networking is the elevator pitch. But, crafting and delivering an elevator pitch is not just for inventors but also startup founders, co-founders or, job seekers can benefit from Nicole's interview. Check it out.

Keep People Engaged With Your Pitch

Nicole's Do's

  • Stay within one to two minutes
  • Start with a great hook
  • State clearly what problem you are solving
  • Have data to back up your claims
  • Have a business card available

Nicole's Don'ts

  • Don't forget to practice
  • Don't oversell your product
  • Don't bury the listener in data
  • Don't ignore your competitors
  • Don't forget the call to action


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