The Nerd Stalker Tech Week Update - Bees, Drones & Beer Delivery

Adolfo and Greg Stalk the Weekly Tech Newscape

Streamed live on Aug 29, 2015
Adolfo and Greg pick their tech topics of the Week.

Nerd Stalker Picks of the Week:
0:37 Mobile Browsing Around The World
5: 43 Amazon Rolls Out 1-Hour Alcohol Delivery Service via @Refinery29
7:48 Fellow enjoys VR sex simulation so much he won't stop when asked to
10:46 Here’s why American students don’t learn computer science via @gigaom
14:30 Amazon is testing changes that would make Prime less appealing
16:57 "Sephora Customers Are Mad As Hell — But Is This Revenge Plan Going Too Far?"

Speed Round:
23:26 DroneBase a new way to track many things like construction progress.
24:36 Google Patents Solution to Avoiding Potholes
25:53 New tech lets the paralyzed speak via "breath signals"
27:50 "What Americans Find Most Important in a New Vehicle, by Generation"
29:11 BEEcosystem creators looking to create a buzz about bees

Tips of the Week:
31:20 Hermes
32:24 Meet Curiyo

This week we talk with Bob Rosenschein , former of and now with Curiyo.
Digital Kids Summit


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