Only for Startups: September / October Founders Space Events

Founders Space and its partners bring some great tech events to the SF Tech and Silicon Valley Areas

Hey Nerds! We have got some great events at Founders Space. Use our Nerd Stalker Discount 25OFF at checkout to get your 25% discount (c/o Captain Hoff above). Full disclosure, I am a volunteer mentor at Founders Space. Check out their events below:


Startups on Steroids: How to Move Faster, Close Deals, Get Funded & Beat Stress!
September 9 at 3pm
in San Francisco

In Startup Steroids, Steve Hoffman aka Captain Hoff, will answer the question Why are some startups on fire, while others lag far behind? Captain Hoff will tell you his secrets on how to:
  • Move faster
  • Close Deals
  • Get Funded
  • Manage Stress
  • Motivate Employees
  • Double Growth
And put your Startup on Steroids!

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Startup Pitch Mastery: Analyze, Dissect & Perfect Your Investor Pitch
September 25 at 3pm 
San Francisco

Steve Hoffman aka Captain Hoff will invite entrepreneurs to pitch their startups, and together with the audience, he'll analyze, dissect and improve their pitches. After co-founding three venture-funded startups and helping hundreds of startups perfect their pitches, the Captain is a veteran pitch coach and knows exactly what it takes to get a startup funded.  A single flaw can kill a pitch.  If you have one, he'll spot it.
Everyone in the audience will be invited to participate.  You don't have to pitch your own startup to attend. You can simply watch others pitch and learn from the feedback they receive.
Anyone who shows up can pitch, given we have enough time.  We'll ask for volunteers, and the startups with the most traction will go first.
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Founders Space Pitch Day & Mixer
October 23 at 3pm 
San Francisco

Join Founders Space Pitch Day & Mixer in San Francisco. 
Judging the startups will be top VCs, Angels & Corporate Investors.
Have a startup? You're welcome to come and meet the VCs & Angels, socialize, enjoy the food and beverages, and hear some amazing startup pitches.


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