State of the US Urban Bike Culture

COBI's Andreas Freitag Talks About His View of US Urban Bike Culture

Photo Courtesy of COBI
We sat down with COBI America's Andreas Freitag where he discussed the changing urban bicycling culture. In general, the US is still car-first. Andreas comes from a culture where the bike is so utilitarian, just like Japan and other parts of the world. What is making the change in our urban environment - limited space and parking. In startup mecca, San Francisco, we have seen a steady pro-biking commuting culture being driven here driven by limited parking, younger healthy culture and safer routes. Below is a picture from the city's Bicycle Coalition of SF's Market Street bicycle route and counter near the Twitter building. Community is part of culture and the Bicycle Coalition is providing the community aspect of culture building here in San Francisco.
Picture courtesy of Biking Coalition
The question is how tech needs to work with bicycles and be safe. In the following interview, Andreas describes the changing US Urban biking culture. Check it out!

"In Europe cycling is an everyday is not recreational or is just a is what you do...whereas here in the is a special thing...people tend to identify themselves as a "Cyclist"...In Europe everyone is a cyclist"


The state of the US urban bike culture reflects a vibrant fusion of sustainability, fitness, and community. From bustling city streets to dedicated bike lanes, it embodies a shift towards eco-conscious transportation choices and a healthier lifestyle. This evolving culture promotes inclusivity, encouraging diverse communities to embrace cycling as more than just a means of commute but also as a social and cultural movement. As cities invest in infrastructure and biking initiatives, the US urban bike culture continues to flourish, weaving its way into the fabric of daily life and fostering a sense of camaraderie among riders, ultimately steering cities towards greener and more connected futures.

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