Hackathon Contest for Mobile Makers Announced

Lattice Semi Offers a Cash Prize and a Trip to CES to Ingenious Mobile Makers

Small FPGAs and Big Possibilities Hackathon Contest (photo courtesy of Lattice Semiconductor)

So, you want to be a FPGA developer. What's a FPGA? By definition it is called a Field Programmable Gate Array, where a parallel set of inputs can be interpreted or programmed into a parallel set of outputs. Interpretation - this is hella fast. Most of the time, a microprocessor/micro-controller will execute a command or decision based on its clock speed and number of clock cycles it will take to execute the command. In FPGAs, the speed of the execution is the switching speed of the small transistor gates involved in the calculation is the speed.  Common applications where FPGAs would be found are digital cameras, CT Scanners, X-Ray machines, high speed switchers and routers to name a few. Lattice Semi, one of the makers of FPGAs, are looking for maker types for their "Small FPGAs - Big Possibilities" contest to get their registrations in by 9/30 where you can just answer some basic questions and you or your team will be determined if you are qualified. The formal applications of the concept or idea are due by Monday, Oct. 17, 2016 at 5pm Pacific Time, and will be judged based on uniqueness, functionality, resource utilization and market value. Check out the interview below with Lattice spokesperson for the contest, Abdullah Raouf.


Submissions must:

o   Use a Lattice product
o   Solve a real-world problem targeting mobile (battery powered) consumer products

Technology – Submissions must showcase the benefit of Lattice’s FPGA technology for mobile applications

Criteria – Submissions will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Unique solution with competitive edge
  • Impactful demonstration of functionality
  • High device resource utilization
  • Market value assessment

The top three winners will receive a round-trip flight, hotel accommodations and access pass to CES® 2017 in Las Vegas, an opportunity to demonstrate their solution at Lattice’s booth at CES 2017 and the grand prize winner will also receive $5,000 USD.

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