Weekend Homework - Jump-Start Your Big Data Career with Some Free E-books

O'Reilly Has 83 Free Data Science Books For Your Weekend Pleasure

Our friends at O'Reilly got you covered with 83 free ebooks on data science.
Weekend Homework (photo courtesy of Pablo by Buffer)

Happy Labor Day weekend! Been putting off learning Big Data? Got a long train, plane, or car ride ahead of you?

Ben Lorica,  the 
Chief Data Scientist at O'Reilly Media has just opened their vault of a collection of 83 free ebooks on data-related topics to cheer you up (or at least help pass the time). Check it out below!

Jump-start your career with Going Pro in Data ScienceThe Big Data Market, or The New AI Market—or be prepared for a salary negotiation with the 2015 Data Science Salary Survey.
Or go back to your desk after the weekend with some insight into your most pressing data problems. Here's just a sample of titles that can help:
  • Making Sense of Stream Processing
  • Architecting Data Lakes
  • Advancing Procurement Analytics
  • Hadoop and Spark Performance for the Enterprise
  • Analyzing Data in the Internet of Things
  • Getting Analytics Right
  • Evaluating Machine Learning Models
Download as many as you like. They're all free.

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