7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Gabriel Shaoolian, Founder & CEO  of Blue Fountain Media, Gives Some Suggestions to Build Effective Email Campaigns

Only the most effective email marketing campaigns are the ones that are able to capture the interest of users and engage them. To make sure that your brand is spending their time and resources towards initiatives that will garner results, it’s important to keep several key elements in mind as you build your campaigns.
Below are 7 email marketing tactics that will help to improve both the open-rate and click-through-rate of your efforts:

Compelling Subject Lines
In a lot of ways, subject lines are like first impressions. You only get one chance to capture interest.
The best subject lines that intrigue potential customers to open up the message contain compelling and captivating language. Focus on providing your users with a clear indication as to what they can expect upon opening the message. However, sometimes brands will make the mistake of using overly-captivating language that isn’t relevant at all to the content in the email, simply as a way to generate a higher open-rate. This mistake can be costly in terms of long-term customer loyalty and often will result in users hitting “delete” on your messages.

The Right Timing

It’s important to take a look at past open-rates and click-through-rates to determine what time of day has resulted in the best email performance. Historically, if there is a certain time that consistently performs best, you should use this as a foundation for future email marketing campaigns. Similarly, if you’ve found results to be poor when you send in the evening, consider shifting around your email schedule to try and improve your effectiveness.

Consider Frequency

Users don’t want to constantly be bombarded with too many messages that aren’t relevant to their needs. Simply put, if you over-send to your list of email subscribers, you’re going to find your email list shrinking. If customers feel like they are being “spammed” with too many emails, they’re likely to subscribe. While of course it is different for every industry, generally speaking you should keep emails limited to once a week, unless the user has requested to receive more promotions and newsletters from your brand.

Relevancy Matters

Whatever it is that you’re promoting in your email—perhaps a certain service your B2B offers, or a certain style of shoes that your ecommerce site sells, you should direct users to those landing pages. If you capture user interest with a certain item in your email (enough that they want to click through to your site to learn more), sending them to a generic homepage or irrelevant landing page will frustrate the user and often result in them leaving the site.

Responsive Design

The growth of mobile has been astronomical, so it’s no surprise that users are often opening their emails from their smartphone or tablet. It’s critical that you optimize your email campaigns for mobile devices to ensure that usability is not sacrificed. When crafting campaigns, use a responsive design. This ensures that regardless of the type of device that the recipient is on, they will be presented with a version of your email that fits their screen perfectly. Any issues with rendering, and your brand could easily lose credibility and brand loyalty from potential and existing customers.

Clear "Call-To-Action (CTA)

Whatever the objective of your email is (to encourage a user to buy a product or to visit your “RAQ” page for example), make sure you have a clear call-to-action (CTA) that highlights that. A vibrant and easy-to-click CTA is critical for engagement and click-through-rate as it helps direct users with what their next step should be. If a user wants to “buy now” or “make an appointment” it should be incredibly easy for them to click on the button and actually do so.

Testing Is Key
One of the most important rules for any brand when it comes to email marketing is to make sure that you’re efficiently testing your campaigns. Each and every element of your campaign should be tested in a real environment (i.e on a tablet or phone), and analyzed to make sure that everything appears as it should, images load properly, and functionalities such as important buttons all are clickable and direct users to the right page. If you don’t take this step to make sure that your email campaigns are ready to be launched, any mistakes could easily be overlooked once it’s too late.

Effective Email Marketing Strategies

The most successful brands understand the importance of an effective email marketing campaign. Email campaigns that aren’t tailored to user needs and fail to offer a great user-experience are a waste of time and resources. Focus on how you can most effectively serve customers and encourage engagement with your brand, all while keeping the needs of the audience at the forefront of your focus.

About the Author
Gabriel Shaoolian is the CEO & Founder of Blue Fountain Media, a NYC-based digital agency focused on creating custom websites, mobile apps and digital marketing solutions to grow brands online.

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