Chief Noise Maker Explains Latest Joint Venture

Tribe of Noise Head Noise Maker Updates us on their Latest Venture - Bizmusiq

Hessel Van Oorschot - Chief Noise Maker at Tribe of Noise
Startup Business models evolve. Some out of necessity. Some out of pure timing and chance meeting.  In an interview early this year with Hessel Van Oorschot , we learned that there is another higher decibel noise coming from the Tribe of Noise which Hessel talked about a new streaming service for restaurants. Turns out this announcement was just the infrastructure tech for an even bigger deal.  

Hessel talks about a new joint venture with a record label in the Netherlands. Here in the states(as every one outside of US likes to call it), you may or may not have heard about them - Strengholt Music Group.  Strengholt owns new dutch music licenses as well as classic licenses. As Hessel discusses in the interview, the old labels need to get into the digital era and why not stream modern to classic music, served with some indies to create different moods in businesses. Services like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer don't offer multiple country commercial licenses so you can't just stream them at your business place (wink-wink). If you are a multi-national chain, it is almost impossible to sign a multi-country licensing deal for music. Check it out and check out Tribe of Noise.
At bizmusiq Launch CEO Strengholt Noëlla Jansen and CEO Tribe of Noise Hessel Van Oorschot (photo courtesy of Strengholt Music Group and Tribe of Noise)

"Because we are going into User-Generated Content...we needed strong partners...that's where Strengholt comes in"

"Bizmusiq is a Spotify for business"

"In Europe, you have many music rights organizations... in general, if you look at a big chain like Subway, with all these franchisees in different countries, in Europe you would have to make deals with all these rights organizations"

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