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Johan Gunnars, CEO & Co-Founder of Simpliday, Talks In-Depth About Get You Over Your Scheduling Worries

Scheduling your life (photo courtesy of Pablo by Buffer)

Johan Gunnars, the ever-present entrepreneur, talks in-depth about his latest article "Scheduling Tips for People Who Hate Scheduling". Johan is one of those mindful people who looks at scheduling as a way to connect with people and also show people that their time is valuable as well. We go in-depth with his thoughts on his article and Johan explains some of the fears and concerns people have about scheduling.

About Johan Gunnars

Johan Gunnars is an entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of Simpliday—Meetings, Reminders & Email in One, a new iPhone calendar app allowing users to achieve a more organized and efficient life by bringing together meetings, reminders and email in one customizable, beautiful, user-friendly app. Gunnars experience in productivity, software, e-commerce, consumer electronics, among others, leads him to focus on how companies and products can make a difference while connecting to the overall vision and strategy. Gunnars is based in Malmo, Sweden. For more information about Gunnars and Simpliday, visit Simpliday-
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