How To Improve Your Memory - Sergio Gonzales

We interview Sergio Gonzales, is the Head of Innovation Programs at eBay, he created the eBay memory club to inspire others in the highly competitive world of Silicon Valley to take up memory training as a way to expand their abilities. A long time lifehacker, Sergio is always looking for different strategies to improve life and is responsible for Farrow Memory's mission statement, 'to make practical memory available to the masses.'.

On 4/15/17 Sergio is helping to host the FREE US Memory Tournament at eBay Main Street, 2025 East Hamilton Ave., San Jose, California 95125.

On April 15, students, professionals, memory amateurs, and memory record holders from all over the country will come together in San Jose to learn the secrets to a record-breaking memory and then join the competition!

Moments of Progression With Moments of Celebration

There will be five events in this game, cash prizes, and the winner will be ranked internationally! Refreshments provided.

There will be 5 events in this game: Speed Numbers, Binary Memory, Word Lists, Speed Cards, and Names & Faces.
Before each round, there will be a mini-seminar/workshop on memory techniques for each specific game. Guinness Record Holder for Greatest Memory, Dave Farrow, will show you how to get 3x the average score on memory tests, memorize a deck of playing cards, and easily recall numbers, names, and faces.

Practice your new skills and challenge yourself to a friendly and fun competition among peers!
Farrow Memory Tournaments pit competitors against each other in head-to-head matchups where perfection is the goal. Even one mistake can lose the match so it is exciting to participate in and fun to watch!

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