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Unfortunately, many of us feel trapped during the work day by spaces that are less than welcoming—or even less than inspiring. But it’s hard to pinpoint why unless you talk to an expert.

They might tell you a couple of surprising things. For starters, color has more of an influence that many people realize. It can change your mood and even affect how much you get done. Trying to get excited but in a room, that’s neutral or blue? Those tones don’t help—but energetic pops of hot colors like red do. Find your focus failing in the middle of the afternoon (and blaming it on the coffee)? Sure, tiredness might have an impact, but so too does an office’s lack of casual, gathering-like spaces for employees to share or just to get a break.

What you can do—even if you can’t paint walls or move offices—is take inspiration from the ideas in this graphic.

Create inspiring workplace in 2017

By Cubicle Concepts


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