Weekend Must Watch: A Bunch of Makers Create a HOV Lane Ferrari

Wired Follows Ferrari Enthusiasts Make a 308 Electric GT

Photo Courtesy of Conde Nast Entertainment
At the 2016 Geneva Motor ShowFerrari Chairman Sergio Marchionne told the media clearly that Ferrari is not interested in building an all-electric car.  Marchionne said "With Ferrari, it's almost an obscene concept,". He went on to say "You'd have to shoot me first." With makers, those comments make the perfect gauntlet challenge. Eric Hutchison, of electric car conversion company -Electric GT, worked EV specialist Michael Bream at EV West to engineer and design an electric powerplant that can be integrated into a late 70's 308GT. This beast has more torque than the original V8 and may even have a better 0-60 time.

Thanks to the Wired Channel of Conde Nast Entertainment's The Scene for documenting this gem of a Ferrari maker paradise.

Magnum PI Would Be Proud?

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