2017 Indie Prize USA Finalists Announced

Casual Connect Announces the 13 finalists for the Indie Prize

Meet the 13 amazingly talented finalists of ‪#‎IndiePrize‬ USA 2017 at Casual Connect on August 1-2 in Seattle. The Indie Prize area is a special area where you can meet Indie game developers from around the world at the ‪#‎CasualConnect‬ show! For a full list of indie gamers tabling at Casual Connect, go to indieprize.orgWe have all their videos embedded here! 

Here are the 13 nominees:

Argentina: Games Expo  Argentina (EVA) winner - Impossible Dungeons by HopFrog
Canada: IGDA Victoria winner - Cowbots and Aliens by Wizard Games
Canada: Full Indie Demo Night winner - The Low Road by XGen Studios
Czech Republic: Czech Game of The Year (category: Most Promising Game) - WarFriends by About Fun
Dubai/MENA Region: Digital Games Conference DGC GAMES winner - Rangi by Funsoft
Germany: Quo Vadis winner - Planetoid Pioneers by Data Realms
Italy: Codemotion Amsterdam 2017 winner - Ray Bibbia by Morbidware
Russia: DevGAMM Moscow 2017 winner - Garage by Zombie Dynamics
Turkey: GIST (Gaming Istanbul Digital Entertainment and Gaming Expo) winner - Fabric by Torreng Labs
Ukraine: WEGAME winner - Sayri Adventure by Vidloonnya Reborn
USA: East Coast Game Conference winner - Doomwheel by Katsu Entertainment LLC
USA: Sacramento Indie Arcade Gaming Expo winner - Venture Forth by Arclight Worlds
USA: Gameacon Crystal Awards winner - Linelight by My Dog Zorro

See the Indie Showcase Developers below:

Representing Argentina!

Impossible Dungeons by HopFrog 

For PC/Console 
Developed with Oculus Gear VR, Unity3D

Representing Argentina / Chile!

Balan City by Giant Monkey Robot

For Mobile iOS, Android, Desktop Windows, Mac

Representing Australia!

Ticket to Earth by Robot Circus

For Mobile iOS, Android, Desktop Windows, Mac

Representing Brazil!

Lila`s Tale by Skullfish Studios

For Mobile iOS, Android, Desktop Windows, Mac

Distortions by Among Giants

For Mobile iOS, Android, Desktop Windows, Mac

Ballistic Overkill by Aquiris Game Studio

For Desktop Windows

Representing Canada!

Maruta Escape by Busan Sanai Games

For Mobile iOS, Android

Auto Age: Standoff by Phantom Compass

For Desktop Windows

Little Lords of Twilight by BKOM Studios

For Mobile iOS, Android, Desktop Windows, Mac

Representing Columbia!

World War Doh by Brainz

For Mobile iOS

Representing Czech Republic!

WarFriends by About Fun

For iOS, Android 

Representing Dubai/MENA!

Rangi by Funsoft 

For Gear VR, soon Occulus VR

Representing Germany!

Planetoid Pioneers by Data Realms 

For Desktop Windows

Representing India!

Globe - In State of War

For Mobile iOS, Android

Enemy Waters: War At Sea by TeaPOT Games

For Mobile iOS, Android

Representing Italy!

Ray Bibbia by Morbidware

For Desktop Windows, Mac

Representing Lebanon!

Fat Bunny by Groovy Antoid

For Desktop Windows, Mac

Representing Malaysia!

Eximius by AmmoboxStudios

For Desktop Windows

Representing Paraguay!

Fhacktions by Possibilian Tech

For Mobile iOS, Android


Representing ‪‎Philippines!

Mighty Alpha Droid by Popsicle Games

For Mobile iOS, Android


Representing Russia!

Garage by Zombie Dynamics 

For Desktop Windows, Mac

Double Dice! by Tigrido

For Mobile iOS

Representing ‪‎Spain!

Almost a Hero by Bee Square 

For Mobile iOS, Android

Representing Turkey!

Fabric by Torreng Labs 

For Desktop Windows

Representing ‪‎United Kingdom!

Mona Lisa by Italic Pig

For Mobile iOS, Android

Representing Ukraine!

G30 by Ivan Kovalov

For Desktop Windows, Mac, Mobile iOS

Sayri Adventure by Vidloonnya Reborn

For Desktop Windows

Representing ‪‎USA!

Doomwheel by Katsu Entertainment LLC 

For Mobile iOS, Android

Sand Stories by Sensory Studios Games

For Web, Mobile iOS, Android

Venture Forth by Arclight Worlds

For Desktop Windows

 Linelight by My Dog Zorro

For PS4, Steam

Tiny Bubbles by Pine Street Codeworks

For Mobile iOS, Android, Desktop Windows, Mac

Philosopharium by Philosopharium Team

For Mobile iOS

ARMAJET by Super Bit Machine

For Mobile Android

Pets Race by Kooapps

For Mobile iOS, Android

Crashy Cars by Pixel Bizarre

For Mobile iOS, Android

Clash of Magic by Narvalous

For VR Desktop, Mobile

Treadnaughts by Topstitch Games

For Console, Desktop Windows, Mac

Phantom Brigade by Tetragonworks

For Console, Desktop Windows, Mac

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