Famous Fashion Tech Event Comes to San Francisco

IBM and 360Fashion Network Team Up to Bring China's High Energy Show to San Francisco

Photo Credit: GSMA 360Fashion & Tech Runway Show - Shanghai

This is not CES. IBM and 360Fashion Network has teamed up to bring the high energy fashion & tech show from China to the San Francisco Bay Area, November 3 at the City View at Metreon. The production is quite amazing as the Nerd Stalker crew were given an exclusive preview to the event last night. In our first impression, a fashion show is part display, theatrics and with tech mixed in. Quite an interesting visionary mix that anyone would want to experience. With the wearable world exploding, this event promises to merge the two worlds meet more in the middle. Also, the event is highlighting San Francisco State University Apparel Design and Merchandising students in an area called the "Startup Garden." 

Apply here to attend.

For a more in depth look, we caught up with Anina.net, the founder and CEO of 360Fashion Network, as she discusses the event where "storytelling" can help market technology. Check it out!

"We build a bridge between Fashion & Technology" - Anina.net


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