The Nerd Stalker Tech Week Update - Flying Cars, Driverless Buses and Free Wi-Fi

Adolfo & Greg Talk About Trending Weekly Tech News

Adolfo Foronda and Greg Viloria discuss the weekly tech news in their mind's eye. Check it out!

Picks of the Week:

  1. A Look at Yahoo's Promise of a Password-Free Email Service
  2. Google's Book-Scanning Project Is Legal, U.S. Appeals Court Says via
  3. EasyMile's driverless bus rolls-out in Singapore and California
  4. Uber Rush: FedEx killer released
  5. Microsoft says that forcing Windows 10 on Windows 7/8.1 users was a 'mistake'

Speed Round:
  1. Powered by body heat, Lumen flashlight never needs batteries
  2. US government will reportedly require all drone purchases to be registered
  3. Glowforge - the 3D laser printer
  4. JetBlue wants to be the only airline with free Wi-Fi on every flight
  5. Do - Run Productive Meetings
  6. 6 flying cars that let you soar over traffic

Tips of the Week:

  1. photomath the Smart camera calculator



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