Current and Future State of Autonomous Vehicles

IEEE Senior Member & USC Professor Jeffrey Miller Discusses Hurdles that Autonomous Vehicles Must Overcome

With the excitement of autonomous vehicles comes the hurdles that the fledgling industry must make. Recently, the IEEE engaged in a round table discussion and subsequent survey on how the public perceives autonomous vehicles. The survey showed that the public is weary about safety, This week we spoke with Dr. Jeffrey Miller, senior member and professor of engineering at the University of Southern California where he shared his insight both from the round table discussion and the concerns from the survey. The survey results amongst IEEE social media followers showed safety and trust as the major concerns of this technology. As Dr. Miller points out in the interview, the Google car miles only represents 10 minutes in the LA freeway system. Give it a view!

Perspective of the Autonomous Vehicle

"Even the Google vehicle, right now, they are advertising a million miles driven and the collisions they have been in because of human driven vehicle... in the LA system, we have a million cars which means in one minute we have a million miles driven, so when Google advertises we only have 10 accidents and 10 million miles driven that is only 10 minutes in the LA freeway system."

Driverless Car Roundtable


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