Kickstarter Unboxed: Beauty Science Kit Teaches Girls about STEAM

Girls Pursing Science Introduces a Cosmetic Beauty Chemistry Kit to Encourage Young Girls into Science

Today, we talk about STEAM - no not the gaming platform. It means Science Technology Engineering Art & Mathematics which promotes the intersection of art and technology. One of the organizations leading the way for young women and girls, especially those in the disadvantaged minority category, is Girls Pursuing Science. We talk with Jacquelyn Thomas, founder of Girls Pursuing Science on the Kickstarter campaign - BOS Chemistry Kit. This kit is built to encourage young girls towards science using their lifestyle as a backgrop. Check it out!

A Girl's Chemistry Kit in a Bag

"We will need to recruit minorities three times (3X) to match their represented percentage of the US population"

"Basically our product is a girls chemistry is girly...most of the products out there are geared towards boys"

"...the product with a girls lifestyle...I am marketing this product around a girl's lifestyle...for girls by girls"


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