Alphonso Tells You What Commercials Were Popular During Super Bowl 50

The team at Alphanso shows how many eyeballs were on Super Bowl 50's ads. Were they memorable? Well, if they make the overall top 25 list then yes. We listed the popular commercials as listed by Alphonso and their rating system. See if you remember any of these commercials. To see the entire list visit their page here.

 Lower your stress by better financial planning...

 Colgate was promoting water conservation

 Drink responsibly.

 CBS Anywhere with the "Eye" guy.

Reese's 15sec add promoting spring candy?

 Kia the world's most exciting pair of socks...and of course Christopher Walken

 Axe helps you find you magic...

 Pretty basic...time to take a cruise.

 Budweiser's not backing down...

 Kung Fu Panda needs a new website...

 Got Internet...Get Showtime

 Winner of Intuit's Small Business Big Game, Death Wish Coffee debut...creative

 Skittles will settle it...

 X-Men Apocalypse coming Memorial Day 2016

 CBS teaser for the next episode of Madam Secretary... can do this...celebrating 20 years of Pokemon

 "This car doesn't care what you call it"

 Sir Anthony Hopkins promotes Turbo Tax

Dogs sneak into a what appears to be a Orchard Supply Hardware selling Doritos?

Only in Ryanville...Hyundai doesn't let you be distracted...

 Steven Tyler dis'es his Skittles Portrait

 A new political party?

 Get a mortgage instantly...

The NSX is back!

 Gets rid of pain...

She Odell'd it...


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