Meet Your Valentine in a Group Setting

Crewmix App Hopes to Make Meeting People Frictionless

The Japanese have been doing group meetings for singles for some time. These group meetings for singles or "Gokon" are very common in Japan. Gokon are organized group parties where men and women can meet and get to know each other. This type of meeting comes to the US. Crewmix brings that style to the US. According to Norman Wang, CEO of Crewmix, "we found meeting people in a group setting is a lot less stressful." This is what Crewmix brings to the party. It starts by taking a group shot or "crewie" and by the magic of geo-location you can see other "crewies" nearby for a casual meetup at a bar, event or concert. We caught up with co-founders Norman Wang and Michael Becerra about this new way to meet people. Check it out.

Take a Crewie


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