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SF Musictech Summit Announces the 2016 Startup Competition

In its 5th year, The SF MusicTech Startup Competition gives promising start-ups the opportunity to compete to showcase on stage at the SF MusicTech Summit to be held this year on October 17, again at Hotel Kabuki in SF Japantown.
Deadline to submit your application is September 1, 2016. Please note, one member of the startup team must be registered to attend the Summit to apply.

Here are the 2015 Winners.  
AudiokiteAudiokite | http://www.audiokite.com/ 

Music makers face tough questions. Which song on the album is the hit? What opportunities should we pitch? Does anyone even want to listen to this? Audiokite answers complex questions by surveying the people who matter most: actual music consumers. The platform streams your song for a targeted sample of listeners and delivers eye-opening feedback in a report. This data is actively informing composition, production, and promotion decisions for garage bands and major music companies alike.

ChordifyChordify | http://www.chordify.net
Chordify is a music e-learning platform that automatically transforms your favorite music – from YouTube, Soundcloud,Deezer or your personal music library – into chords. The calculated chords are synchronised with the music in a simple and intuitive player so you can practise, produce and play to your hearts’ content.

JoyTunes200JoyTunes | http://www.joytunes.com/
JoyTunes is changing the face of music education by transforming the way people learn and practice musical instruments. Combining proven education methods, sound recognition and the latest gaming technologies, our acoustic engine auto-magically detects your piano or keyboard giving you instant feedback as you play, no wires needed. JoyTunesenables anyone to succeed in learning to play music.

NymbusNymbus | http://www.nymbusapp.com
Nymbus is the HubSpot of live concerts; a platform for creative, digital interaction and inbound marketing with every fan during a show. We engage fans through concert-specific content and audience-wide light shows on phones paired with LED wearables. We then track invaluable data on fan engagement during gigs and convert interactivity into in-app sales of merchandise and long-term engagement with fans that will generate and tens of millions in additional revenue across the industry.
SetmusicLLCSetmusic LLC | https://www.setmine.com/about
We bring retail customers by releasing exclusive music through beacons. We are the first beacon network that delivers new customers by letting artists digitally “lock” exclusive content in retailers, bars, & venues.

SKIOSKIO Music | https://skiomusic.com/
SKIO Music is a licensing and collaboration platform for the music industry. On SKIO, a curated community of artists and labels can engage in direct licensing deals, secure payments, and access tools to collaborate strategically, all on the platform. SKIO is taking the music business digital – music production, distribution, and consumption are already digital, it’s time that the business side of the industry adapt as well.
TapTapeTapTape | http://www.taptape.com
TapTape lets fans invest in the record deals of their favorite artists. By involving early supporters as part of the team, we provide a valuable financial resource and marketing tool for musicians and labels, while giving fans a unique connection to the artists they care about.

ToneTreeToneTree | http://www.ToneTree.com
ToneTree is redefining what a musical instrument can be. ToneTree’s flagship product, Birch, can transform nearly any surface into an expressive interface. Play piano on a park bench or drums on a countertop; the world is your instrument!

UberchordUberchord | http://www.uberchord.com
Uberchord is a subscription-based mobile learning platform for guitar and other instruments. Our (patent-pending) audio recognition technology enables us to provide a new learning experience: it listens through the built-in microphone of the iPhone and adapts to the user’s progress. The app is able to give real-time feedback just like a personal guitar teacher. We plan to teach musical concepts in a Duolingo style as well as popular songs with a fun and interactive gameplay.

VisualArtSpeakersVisualartspeakers.com | http://www.visualartspeakers.com
Visualartspeakers.com develops a first and foremost single driver planar loudspeaker which accurately reproduces a wide frequency range. It transforms people listening experience in music and entertainment. The first product Ogeeg speaker is packaged into a solid wooden frame with custom art/picture printed on silk canvas for home or commercial space.


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