Long Running Entrepreneur Conference Coming to Silicon Valley This Week

Raju Reddy talks about the 23rd Annual TiECon

TiE or the The Indus Entrepreneur is hosting their 23rd Annual Conference for entrepreneurs on May 6-7 in the Silicon Valley. TiE, which originated in the Silicon Valley, is a network of more than 12, 000 entrepreneurs organized around 60 chapters around the world. Definitely the biggest out there. We talk with Co-convener or Co-chair Raju Reddy of TiECon to discuss what to expect at TiECon and some of his thoughts on the global entrepreneur.ship. "One of the biggest advantages (of attending the conference) is the mentoring and networking opportunities" says Reddy.  Check out his interview!

This is the Place to Meet People

"We expect around 5,000 people this year...23 countries represented last year"

"This is the place to discover them (icon companies in 5-10 years)...this is the place to network with those companies"

"There are different reasons why people come to TiECon...learn about different key trends"

"26% of all attendees were C-level executives"


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