SnapDish - A Food Spotting App For Holiday Consumption

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am sure by the time you see this you will be well into your Thanksgiving meal.  If you haven't started, hold off on the pictures. We interviewed Hidetaka Fukushima, co-founder and International Business Developer of a popular food spotting app - SnapDish. Food spotting is taking pictures of your dishes or food you love to eat and sharing it with your friends. Check out the interview about this Japanese start-up and Hidetaka's insights into being a Japanese startup.

"It(SnapDish) is an Instagram for homecooked food"

"Super-food enthusiasts always think about is a place for people who like food, that is what SnapDish is all about"

"Digital Garage (DG) has brought a lot of American services to Japan...very revolutionary company...a DG investment means we are going to be a legitimate service"

SnapDish is a mobile app service that appeals to foodies. If you love food, you will love SnapDish. It is the Instagram for foodies. SnapDish allows basic filter enhancements for your pictures. It allows you to tag your food by type and date and you can "Yummie" or "like" as well as comment on others pictures of food. The app is free to the everyday mobile citizen and to make money, Hidetaka says they do marketing tie-ups with food and beverage companies with "sponsored" posts. Long term they want to be big in Asia. Internationally, they need to start monetizing there through "coupon" delivery companies. Recently, they got some major funding from investor, Digital Garage from Japan.

SocialGreg's Uptake

SnapDish seems like it is in a niche market. But they are addressing it in a over $3 Trillion worldwide food market. I have used the App for about six months and whenever I go to a restaurant or make food at home I let my SnapDish following see my foodie pictures. Very easy to use with the filtering we mentioned above and the tagging is very simple with their pre-selections.

They want to monetize by "making people happy." With that in mind, if food makes you happy, why not try it out? Happy Thanksgiving Meal Food Spotting!

SnapDish is available in the iTunes Store here. Also, on the Goggle Play Store.


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