Social TIme Takes On the Battle of the Social Photo Giants

In the next episode of Social Time, our social guys Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg) and Sean Charles (@SocialMediaSean) take on the Social Photo Giants. In this episode, they compare the social photo giants - Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. What's your favorite?

The First Contender: INSTAGRAM 

What’s new with Instagram: Web Profiles

Here are some Web Profile examples:
Nike gets into it
Sean Shares his own Web Profile

Some Stats to Consider:

was no slouch this past year. In the same period, Instagram’s share of the social market increased: July 2011 and July 2012
  • 17,319 percent in North America
  • 8,121 percent in Singapore
  • 2,028 percent in the UK
  • 843 percent in New Zealand
  • 362 percent in Australia
  • Instagram #13 in iTunes top free Canada

Instagram Pros: Share Quickly, Filters easy to use, Hashtags
Instabram Cons: You can't link to Instagram photos, Facebook Ownership?

The Second Contender: FACEBOOK 

Photo: Courtesy of TechCrunch

Recently new with FB: iOS app allows multiple photo upload, Photo filtering, New skin makes iPad happy

Some Stats to Consider:

Facebook Pros: Allows filter with camera app, sharing with friends is easy 
Facebook Cons: FB owns rights to photos, removed horizontal pre-viewing of photos on new iOS app

The Third Contender: TWITTER 

Photo Courtesy of Mashable

What’s new with Twitter: Releasing Instagram-style photo filters,  better iPad Interface to view photos on profile

Links from the show:

Twitter Pros : Great for quick news photos of interest
Twitter Cons : Will not generate primary traffic to website

The Fourth Contender: Pinterest

What’s new with Pinterest - Secret Boards

Some Stats to Consider:

Just how fast has Pinterest grown? Between, Pinterest’s market share rose:
  • 5,124 percent in North America
  • 2,373 percent in Hong Kong
  • 1,489 percent in the UK
  • 798 percent in Australia
  • 643 percent in New Zealand
  • Pinterest #31 in canada itunes store 
  • 4th largest organic traffic driver in the world

Links from the show:

The Book "Pinterest Power"

The Pinterest-ization of the e-commerce experience 

Pinterest Pros: Photos are linkable to your website, visually appealing UI

Pinterest Cons: Maybe, not so relevant for non eCommerce brands

Who is the winner and why in the comments or on twitter


Adolfo said…
Awesome show guys, amazing content like usual, the transitions were much improved, the sound effects were awesome/halarious and the screen sharing really added context.

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