NY Startup Looks to Synchronize Your Friends and Places You Visit

Ever say "I wish I knew you were coming to this concert, I would have..." or "I didn't know you were going to that conference in Atlanta, we could have..."? These are the issues that NY startup, Ribbon, is trying to solve - synchronicity with your network. With a simple map interface and a boatload of your Facebook friends in tow, you can now find out who is where and when. We talk with Tony Alfaro about Ribbon and his entrepreneurial experiences in this segment. Find out why Tony hasn't worked for anyone since the age of 9.

Hard Problem Solved with Well-Thoughtout Problem Definition and Great User Experience

"Ribbon was born when I was in Fiji and came back to the states a few times each year to see friends, I would never know where my friends were going to be in the future and I used to keep an excel spreadsheet...so there had to be a better way"

"Ribbon provides a great value for travel partners because we are going to know before them where people are planning to go"

"I spent eight months writing about the problem and really thinking it through deeply and how big of a platform it is and conceiving how to design it with external partners I wanted and design played a big role in choosing Fueled where I moved our offices to New York just to be near them"

"...great design is really important for user experience so that is why I am impressed with Fueled design and they are world class..."

SocialGreg's Uptake

Ribbon is an interesting app as it is a glue to your friends. Most people find out where their friends are/were by checking their Facebook posts or by serendipitously bumping into them at some restaurant or concert. I am amazed the Social Networks have not addressed this need. Ribbon is just simple and Fueled has done a great job teaming up with Tony on the user interface. Ribbon has some real applicability to travel, event/conferences, and music industries. Right now, you can only keep track of Facebook friends but  that should be enough if you are a constant Facebook aficionado and hope in the future they can grab the mid generation who is also traveling a lot. I can see them being bought by a high profile travel site in the future.

You can catch Ribbon on the iOS store and soon to be released on the Android Play Store. Follow them on twitter or friend then on Facebook.


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