Twitterverse Pics from the 13th SF Music Tech Summit Event

Pictures tell a thousand words. We were invited by Brian Zisk and SF Music Tech Summit to cover their event at Hotel Kabuki in Japantown and were not disappointed. We shot some great footage which we will release in a little bit featuring some startups and highlights from a Music and Health discussion featuring the great Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead. To capture some of the nuance that has become SF MusicTech Summit, we wanted to collate the twitterverse pics to show you how exciting this event was. If you haven't been, this should convince you. See you at the next SFMusicTech Summit!

SF Music Tech 13 Pics from the Twitterverse

SF Music Tech 13 Pics from the Twitterverse

SF Music Tech was held on May 28, 2013 at the Hotel Kabuki in Japantown. Their 5th year and 13th event to be exact. If you haven't been to a SFMusicTech, I hope these pictures will convince you to go next time. Go to to get more information. Thanks everyone for your contribution!

  1. Good morning, #SFMusicTech! Stop by our booth to chat about unleashing the power of your fan community!
  2. Wow, intense conversation heating up on "Building an Open Rights, Credits and Licensing Database". #sfmusictech
  3. Andrew Stess & Ted Cohen collaboratively breaking the "One Fedora Per Panel" rule at Strategic Deals #sfmusictech
  4. "We don't hear in digital, we hear in analog. You want music to sound as analog as it can get." #SFMusicTech
  5. Live Streaming Experience (Love You Live) in the Music Industry at #sfmusictech -
  6. Demo'ed #Moodsnap twice on stage today at #sfmusictech. Getting great feedback! Demo now at
  7. Mickey Hart's brain on display #sfmusictech. Exploring the role of rhythm in brain disorders.
  8. Noel Lee is ready to answer your questions. Come to the Monster booth downstairs to meet him! #SFMusicTech
  9. @jermainedupri talks about his startup, Global 14 being "a pure place to go to get a real conversation" #SFMusicTech
  10. Bob Weir quote #sfmusictech "This building will tell us what it wants to be." Via Chris M TRI @live panel @ShowGotv
  11. Too hot and crowded in the digital strategy session, so I'm in the networking/exhibitor/coffee room . #sfmusictech
  12. Wanna learn more about DeliRadio Concert Network at @SFMusicTech? Stop by & see us in the downstairs lounge.
  13. Dweezil Zappa, Daniel Walton & Sam Valentine at @sfmusictech Future of music tools session

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